Skinny Jeans - Are They Killing Your Sperm Count?



Has a male fashion fad polarized debate more than the Skinny Jean?

They regained popularity a couple of years ago, and it's no biggie now to see the most masculine and grimy of men walking down the street in pipe thin skinny jeans.

They work for some people, not so much for others.

Celebrities that love to rock their skinnies include Shia LeBouf, Russel Brand et al, and have been considered fashion self-expression for any male who considers himself a rockstar!

skinny jeans russel prop

Nonetheless, the aim of this is not to question how 'cool' they are, but if they are doing you more harm than good!

Are skinnies destroying your sperm count?

The simple truth is: no one is sure!

Although doctors say that you shouldn't wear anything that will restrict or disrupt the flow of blood to your genitals, the effect of tight jeans has not yet been properly measured.

kanye skinnies

There have been studies conducted on tight underwear and reduced sperm count, and the result has been a reduced mobility of sperm.

The heat factor also plays a role and reduced sperm mobility, and if it's too tight then it's probably too hot.

So choose your clothing wisely (ladies and gents alike). Clothing can be figure hugging, and NOT be restrictive.
Till then we shall either wait for the research to come out, or the fad to die out.
Whichever happens first!




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